About me

I am a writer, speaker, and explorer on an endless quest to inspire adventure and conquer fears.

Every time I step into the wilderness, whether it's my favorite trail or unfamiliar terrain, I am challenged by my nerves, my fears, and my insecurities. These anxieties could easily dictate a life of mild, indoor activities, but I am not meant to be tamed by fear. I am meant to be wild.

By seeking out my fears (like bears and large bodies of water) and succeeding in their presence, I've accomplished some amazing things, witnessed incredible scenery, and built the confidence required to create a life I love.

But, bravery is not built exclusively in the outdoors. Courage can come in handy during even the most routine weekday and I believe everyone deserves the chance to push the limits of their comfort zone and accomplish something they can be truly proud of.

Sometimes the only path forward is the one that scares you the most.

Read about my journey, complete with successes and failures, on the blog or drop me a note to share your story.

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