Weekend Warriors

Russ and I are not cubicle people. Turns out, the Rathroys are too restless to be anchored to a desk all week. So, when I sat on our bedroom floor the other night sobbing the words, "I feel like a piece of my soul is missing," it was pretty easy to find the cause.

Unfortunately, until American society switches to unlimited vacation time or the acceptance of siestas, all we have are weekends. So, rather than letting our weekly 40+ hour cubicle stint drain our free time fun, we decided to make as much mini adventure as we can.

Sometimes, this means our refrigerator is empty come Sunday night. Sometimes, it means laundry needs to be done on a Tuesday instead. And sometimes, ti means we are completely unprepared for a week of desk productivity come Monday morning.

But, it always recharges my soul.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit lost. Like the whole world is twirling around me and I'm having trouble catching onto my piece. I feel afloat. Detached.

But in the wilderness, I am grounded.

The woods remind me that life is not made with e-mails or deadlines or salaries. Life is made in moments.

The number of moments in my life will likely be far fewer than those of the trees which surround me in the forest. The woods remind me I am small. That I am transient on this planet. That I must not take any of my moments for granted.

The trees which tower above encourage me to live a life that's wild and big and full of meaning, just as they do. They remind me to lift my heart and my eyes and my efforts to the sky and grow.

Whether in my career, my marriage, my mind - grow.

So, for now, as we plug through life and spend more time in cubicles than we'd like, Russ and I will follow the good advice of John Muir and continue as weekend wilderness warriors.

"Break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."