Love is Love

As a student, I loved history. I loved watching America move forward in my textbooks. Learning the intricate relationships between politics, war, law, and civil movements lit up my brain. It helped me understand the connection between my life and my country and gave me an appreciation for my citizenship.

I remember relating my history homework to my parent's youth. They lived through the moon landing, the Vietnam war, and the Civil Rights Act. Their lives were literally history. Man, they were old.

Then, one morning during my junior year of high school, my own life became history for the first time. I spent the entire day at school listening to the radio, watching the news, and whispering in the hallways about our fears - terrorism, the draft, war. September 11, 2001 was the first day I realized history was actually happening all the time. I was living it.

Since that day, my generation has witnessed historical markers including a decades long war, climate change catastrophes, polarizing politics, the first black President, and today, equality.

Though I believe this decision should not have had to be so monumental, so prolonged, or so divisive - that all people should be automatically privy to the same policies, rights, and opportunities - I am elated by this moment in history. I have witnessed America move forward in real time, and my heart bursts with joy.

Congratulations to this country for leaving this indescribably important mark in our history. And congratulations to everyone who has fought for this moment.