Sunday Spotlight - Sierra Valley

Every Sunday, I fight against my brain's insistence on pouring over my schedule for the upcoming week. This unfortunate weekly ritual robs me of my efforts to live in the present, to enjoy the moment and to savor my weekend.

So, instead of obsession over the next five days, I'm beginning the Sunday Spotlight. I'll be highlighting special items on Sundays to remind me to slow my accelerations and shine a light on something wonderful: a place, an adventure, a person, all of the above.

To kick off the first installment, I'd like to introduce you to Sierra Valley. Home of sweeping landscapes, small towns, and Bloomstone Farm.

Coffee on Bloomstone Farm.jpg

This delightful farm is run by one of my favorites and is home to all of the good feels. Getting there is a trek through the Sierras, over Donner Summit, and into the valley itself - an interesting journey through the many climates of California.

Sierra Valley boasts lovely local shops like Smithneck Farms Cafe - home to a seriously delicious cinnamon roll - and Connie's Place, where you can find everything you never knew you needed for your home décor. Not to mention a genuine farm-to-form atmosphere with small, local, organic farms like Bloomstone popping up on the land and in the Co-ops.

From Sierra Valley, you can jump over to Graeagle for a round of golf, to Quincy for quaintness galore, to Reno if you need a big box store or a gambling fix, or just down the road to The Brewing Lair for a pint of local beer.

But, even with all of these adventures nearby, my favorite things to do in Sierra Valley are cozying up by the furnace, taking strolls around the farm, and spending time with people I hold so dear.

Sierra Valley is worth a visit anytime of year. And if you get the chance to pop up to Bloomstone Farm, I promise a warm smile and maybe even a warm meal will be your welcome.