The Plague of Politeness

When I created Politely Wild, the name spoke to exactly how I viewed myself. I struggled greatly to indulge my wild, fearless, adventurous spirit while also walking the delicate line of lady-hood.





I never felt that a physical challenge was beyond my ability - I hiked hard, traveled far, birthed a child - but I could never quite align my inner wilderness with my external, female persona. The duality of the name – Politely Wild – captured this internal strife.

But -

as I’ve awakened to the complexities of patriarchy,

as I’ve transformed into a fierce mother and protector,

as I’ve witnessed the tenacity, the grit, and the persistence in my daughter,

as I’ve emerged from the ashes of a post #metoo world,

I can no longer promote this plague of politeness we’ve so deeply ingrained in our girls.

My daughter will not grow up learning to defer. She will understand that asserting herself is not aggression. She will trust that her words will be heard and believed. She will be surrounded by reflections of her own tenacity and grit and persistence. My daughter will fill space. She will raise her voice. She will defend boundaries. She will live a life as wild and loud and strong as she’d like.

These gifts, these skills I will give to her by first giving them to myself.

Iain Thomas quote.jpg

Therefore, Politely Wild will be retired. It will mark the end of a much-too-long chapter filled with patriarchy and politeness. It will open the door to a new platform, which will encompass the complexities, battles, victories and lessons comprising life as a woman, a mother, a person.

Stay tuned.