To My Fears

To my fear of failure,

Understand that this stems not from failure itself, but from your fear of losing the love and respect of those around you. Failure provides valuable lessons, sharpens your ambition, and defines your determination. Big failure will push you toward success in a more meaningful way than decisions made in safety ever will. Failure is not your fear. The ones who do not stay by your side after you fail did not deserve a seat on this ride in the first place.

To my fear of not fitting in,

If you were to fit in with everyone, you would have lost yourself somewhere in the crowd. Be comfortable with who you are. When you belong to yourself, you'll find you fit just fine no matter where you are.

To my fear of losing loved ones,

This is a certainty, I'm sad to say. We are all here for a limited time and you've encountered this lesson before. Allow these unknown expiration dates to elevate your expression of love. If everyone knows exactly how you feel, there will be nothing to lose.

To my fear of not being good enough,

For whom? The only person whose judgment matters is you.

To my fear of sounding like a nerd,

Your nerdiness makes you strive to keep learning, to keep improving, to debate topics of intelligent conversation and share your passions with others. Showcasing your nerdiness helps others abolish their own fear of being a nerd. And couldn't the world use more nerds like you anyway?

To my fear of the future of this world,

This world is not beyond saving. Work to make it the future you want.

To my fear of never being fearless,

There will always be fear. You will always worry about the outcome. Risks will always be difficult to take. Sometimes, fear may deliver you from disaster. Sometimes, fear may deny you your glory. Learn when to listen to it, and when to conquer it. Fearlessness is not achieved by removing all fear - it is earned through repeatedly facing it.