Was She the Entire World?

Last night, in my dreams, I was at a school when a fight started. Kids ran toward and away from each other, swinging and yelling.

My heart pumped hard during those few moments of aggression before it was calmed by the adults on the perimeter while I stood, shaking and paralyzed.

But one girl continued. She flailed and raged. She would not be calmed. 

I approached her, sunk to my knees to meet her eyes, grabbed her shoulders and asked, "What happened to make you act this way? What have you gone through to make you so angry?"

She never answered.

But I knew. I could feel her reply in my throat, my heart, my bones. And I hugged her.

I embraced her tightly enough so that she felt a part of me. Tightly enough so that her sadness soaked into my body. And I sobbed.

Was she me?

Was she the entire world?