When the Cat is Away

Russ was lucky enough to jet down to Long Beach this weekend. While I've been left behind in our construction-zone home due to a weekend work event, Russ is spending quality time with our friends, drinking beer, watching the Long Beach Grand Prix, and enjoying the ocean breeze.

Aside from the few months of long-distance romance we weathered between my visits to Malawi, Russ and I haven't spent a ton of time apart. We live almost on top of each other in a tiny house, travel everywhere together, and even make a pretty great grocery store duo. So, it's always a little foreign to be alone. Plus, Piper gets wicked depressed when her Dad is away.

So far, it's only been 12 hours of solitude and I have to say, I've really been learning a lot about myself. From my food choices to my productivity, Russ' weekend trip is shedding new light on what I would be like as a bachelorette.

Things i've learned in the 12 hours without russ:

  1. I'm actually quite good at spending money. Especially when I'm not trying to stop him from spending money. I went to Target to buy a greeting card and left with 3 new shirts, a pint of ice cream, and $100 less in our bank account.
  2. I have very little self-motivation. Cleaning? Yard work? No, thank you. I'll be on the couch binge watching Friends on Netflix during this beautiful spring day instead.
  3. I love quiet time. I don't often allow myself to relax or pig out or sleep in, so I was pretty surprised when I actually fell asleep again after taking Russ to the airport early this morning. If it weren't for the puddle of drool and the work event I had today, I might have stayed in bed with the blinds closed all day.
  4. I hate cooking for myself. It's almost like I want to be malnourished. So far, I've eaten a tortilla and a slice of leftover pizza. I have my eye on that pint of ice cream to round out the day's meals.
  5. And finally, I've learned there's nothing that sparks my joy, my confidence, my laughter, and my sense of adventure like my husband. There truly is no experience, no thought, and no moment I don't want to share with him.

Look out Russ, you have a long night of chatty Kelly to catch up with when you get back!